Good News for Detroit and Motown Couples: Surprise Promise Rings for Young Couples

Commitments, promises, relationships and marriages are all close to the heart. They’re based on trust and promises which last as long as you live. When being in a relationship promises means a lot. Some promises need the right time and the right circumstances to be fulfilled. In cases like these, promises are sealed with a gift of love, to symbolize the relationship which a couple beholds.

In most cases where, love blossoms in between two individuals and they commit to each other. Affection, love, care and emotions are exchanged. Or shall I rather say it in an easier way; the couple is ready to live their lives together till death does them apart.

The couple exchanges promises symbolizing their relationship in the form of the promise rings. Which once worn by the couple, makes it clear for the rest of the world, that their made for each other and are taken.

The history of promise rings, or otherwise known as pre-engagement rings can be read here.selection 1

The bestest news in the world is that courtesy of you can win two FREE promise rings for yourself and your loved one. The good news is, you can even choose which promise ring style you want to get. All you have to do is check out their selection here.

Which finger should the promise ring go on?

Once a couple is ready for a relationship, they arrange a ceremony where close relatives are invited and the couple officially exchanges rings declaring their relationship an “official” one. They not only exchange rings but vows to stay together forever and live happily with each other even in bad situations. The promise rings are worn in the fourth finger of your left hand if counted from the thumb. “It’s also known as the ring finger.”

Types of promises you can make

Promise rings for couples have a vast variety, they may come in various styles, designs and of course, the choice of the metal used depends on the buyer.ring 2
We’ve got promise rings that’ll be studded extraordinarily with gems/stones, rings that are pretty simple with just a single stone, or might be rings with promises engraved on the inner side of the ring, while others might be available with respective birthstones of the couples. Promise rings might also be available with simple cute hearts made from the metal used itself.

The selection of the metal used for the promise rings also has quite a lot of options. Couples can select the metal for their long lasting promise rings, of their own choice and comfort. The only thing that has to be taken care of is the toughness and style of the metal you choose. They’re available in gold, sterling silver, platinum, white gold etc.

Promise rings are usually available in pairs where one ring is meant to be for the boy while the other one is for the girl. The only notable difference probably would be the thickness of the ring. Where the thicker ring is designated for the boy and respectively the less thick one is designated for the girl. As the design of both the rings is more about similar to each other.

Promise 3

Promise ring 3

Meanings to look out for

A promise ring may have various meanings. Some of them may include the purity of the relationship, lifelong compatibility, friendship, trust, affection, chastity and lastly Love.

Motown Beauty Pageant – Wearing Fake Lashes 101

fake eyelash designs

False Lash Designs from Detroit, Motown

There is a different way to wearing fake lashes – even in Motown

People have found ingenious ways to try to solve something that they feel is lacking. This has been going on for generations upon generations now. These inventions help make things more convenient for man. They can help advance the human race in terms of technology. It could also advance how they relate to one another in terms of making it easier for them to keep in touch. Among the following are some such inventions in technology:

  • the wheel
  • farming
  • cellular phones
  • fire
  • electricity
  • the internet

These are just among some of the major developments that have shaped the course of human evolution. The way the humans behave toward one another however, may have remained the same. Feudalism is still very much apart of society in terms of large corporations battling it out with one another. Each corporation has their own kings and nobles in the form of executives trying to constantly outdo each other. The name it is called is different however the way they interact toward each other has striking similarities. The battlefield is no longer bloodied in the open plains but in the marketplace of commerce as well as the information highway that is the internet.

On a similar note, even Detroit has its own Fake Eyelash Factory

Not all of the inventions in the past millennia have a similar impact as those mentioned above. There are a lot of inventions that have not gained the same amount of significance. They may have not yet found their time in the sun so to speak. One such invention is fake eyelashes. Some may think that this is something that we can do without. Others are more likely to disagree. Their contribution to society may not be readily apparent as they may seem quite trivial. They could have helped in other ways however. Fake eyelashes help draw the attention of somebody. It could have allowed someone to listen more intently as they were presenting an important product that was able to receive approval because of it. Nevertheless, it is still a fun invention to have ever existed most especially for women.

Where to wear them

Fake eyelashes are very useful for those who would just like to make themselves appear more glamorous. There is a danger however of overdoing it and the exact opposite result would occur. It does not matter because it is really up to the one wearing it. They are the ones who feels whatever they would like to feel. They hardly need anyone to approve of the fashion decision they have for that day. All that is important is that they are able to make use of the piece that they have been longing to wear.

Mix and match

Going out with enhancers is not just a one-piece thing. Fashion stylists make sure that an outfit goes well with the other pieces in the ensemble. One has to make sure that they carry their outfit with confidence and with a smile. That is probably one of the best fashion pieces one may have not matter what they are wearing.

Fashion in Detroit aka Motown

When you think of Detroit, you rarely think of fashion. Instead, you think of cars! However, like all things, change has occurred and it may soon be time to call Detroit, the fashion city. It did not happen overnight. Certainly not. It has taken years and each one of them was spent in hard work and absolute creativity.

You could say that the name is hard earned and well-deserved. Fashion in Detroit is now on the lips of everyone associated with the Industry. It is as though the city has finally arrived to dazzle the connoisseurs. For a designer to be accepted in the annals of the fashion world is no small feat. One can only imagine how much harder it is for a city to be renamed. Obviously, we are not talking about this literally.

However, the time has come for the city to be recognized as something more than just an auto city. Certainly, it has taken more than one odd designer.

You will find that in most parts of the world, there would be one or two designers who will make a mark in the fashion industry. But, it takes more than that to have a city open its doors to bring in the new. For a long time to come, people are likely to include Detroit as one of the places where you could go and find thousands of designers showing their fare.

motownblog fashion columnNaturally, it is not for the ordinary or the weak-willed. For any designer worth his salt, there would have been years of hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Some of them give up and the rest push harder than anyone else and continue to strive. For some, the results may come quickly and for the rest, it takes a lifetime. Nevertheless, this is no place for the quitters. To be recognized for one’s creativity and to be able to make it sustainable, the effort probably does take a lifetime. But, the truly skilled and artistically driven will make it however long it takes.

While it is true in almost any industry, it is believed that the fashion industry is one of the toughest to break into and those that do succeed have done only because they were able to raise the bar a notch or two. Every year, there are millions of young people that try to get into one of the top universities that each fashion design. More than half of them settle down with a tangential line of work including merchandising or marketing. The really passionate ones do not give up until they have a design shop where they can cut fabric into something unique and remarkable. It is people similar to these that would be able to showcase their talent at fashion shows every year.